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Since 1994 I have been helping others (and in doing so, helping myself!) in the process of figuring out who the fuck they really are. My focus is mainly on the art of relating, couples, singles and the endless challenges we face when we connect with another.

My other work, is assisting new entrepreneurs to bring the service or product to the marketplace by assisting them in getting totaly clear what they are up to. Some call it branding. It’s essentially communicating to your prospective clients what you do, how you do it and what’s in it for them.

This process generally will bring up a lot of emotions and old mind-fucks. Just the act of putting themselves out into the world  can be very difficult. One of my recent clients called me a web site deign “midwife” as her birthing of her project was very much like a difficult.

Entrepreneur Coaching & Business Branding

Starting a business or striking out on your own can be a scary thing. For most people it brings up all kinds of issues and beliefs that can sabatoge your dream!

We can help you break through the confusion and fear and bring clarity to you and your business or project. We’ve been doing it for more than 20 years.

Web Site Design Therapy!

If you want to spread your wings and create that new project or business then we can help.

Packages start at just €495.00 which gets you an amazing basic web site and the support you need to get clear on what you do, how you do it, and what makes you totally unique in your business. Even when hundreds of others might be doing the same thing!

What We Do

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Entrepreneur Branding & Coaching

Relationships & Relating

Sexuality & Tantra

Breathwork & Emotional Release

Active & Social Meditations

Purpose & Talent  Coaching

What You Do

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Get Clear on Your Business

Overcome Old Beliefs

Discover Your Talents

Express Yourself Totally

Get Honest

Create Your Dreams

Experience & Training

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International Workshop Facilitator

Trained Transpersonal Counsellor

Psycho-Intuitive Counsellor

25+ Years Breathwork Therapist

Bodywork, Accupressure

Psychodrama & Family Constellation

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